XXXXXX 22-Jun-19 10:36 PM
you alright?
i'm struggling. depression and shit. i'm here.
if you ever wanna talk
sometimes i get this tape playing through my head that says, "i hate myself" over and over and over again
everything i do
i could spill milk
and it's "i hate myself"
but you know, it used to be, "kill yourself"
so i call that progress
this has nothing at all to do with you but
i just felt like sharing

..Why "hate" yourself? You are beautiful, you are living, it is a gift.. not loving oneself is far worse than 'hating' the other.. hating oneself is like hating the deity. You are divine, but you do not know it, not supposed to yet. It is all within your mind. Ask and you shall be given.. the key to my heart, You don't hate yourself. You do love yourself.